Groom Makeup for all Indian Grooms

Groom makeup , what’s that? Let me explain you some basics. Looking good and flawless isn’t a job limited to women or celebrities anymore. Nowadays even  the regular guy wants to  look perfect on special occasions as well as in day to day life. This is why men are getting conscious about their appearance on their wedding day.

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Groom Makeup done for a fashion Brand

Talking about the wedding day, grooms have now being more conscious about their outfits and makeup compared to the past days. The tendency to look the best in ones marriage is really on board.

So keeping in mind, we have brought some tips for our awesome Groom makeup so that they have the best makeup and look the best on their wedding day.

The Competition

One good thing for the bride is, she is no longer the only one responsible for upping the glam quotient of the wedding mandap, she has her partner now to do with her. Good thing for the groom is he gets to wear what he wants, look his best, take all the time and attention he needs to get ready this one day, and nobody finds it unreasonable or funny.

But the best fun is that when both the bride and groom tend to land for the contest. The bride and the groom unassumingly enter into a phase where they think “I must look good enough beside my partner”. This has to be perfect. The pressure is higher than ever. But the bride has some advantages over the groom:

  • Bridal makeup has been a thing for a long time now. So your stylists know what to do with you.
  • Bridal makeup comes with many options. Groom makeup is a little limited.
  • Many people are still used to look just at the bride, so the groom has to make sure he looks good enough to not get sidetracked on his own wedding.

Since the odds seem to be in favour of the bride, we will try making things a little easier for the Groom makeup.

This is what we do when it comes to a Groom Makeup


Keep your skin moisturized. Women use natural products like banana, milk, and curd to keep their skin moisturized. But if you are a hairy guy, avoid the banana. It sticks to the hair strands. We use a light moisturizer at the day if u are. Regular with your daily skin regime. Else we do a skin hydration by using a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Its an important part of Groom makeup

Hair Care

We always do a haircare by spraying some liquid serums on your hair which will make them healthier and lighter to be visually appealing


Don’t skip the primer in Groom makeup . There will be some layers on your face on your wedding day and they need to hang in there.

Skin tone match

Choose the foundation according to your skin tone and type. Don’t get a lighter shade. If you have oily skin, go for a water based foundation. If you have dry skin, go for a cream based one.

No room for faux pas

Make sure no product is sticking to your facial hair. Make sure you have no foundation or concealer sticking to your eyebrows, lashes, beard, or moustache.


If you need concealer, do it before the foundation.

Finishing touch

Go for a light golden glow finishing touch to make your skin photogenic for the camera.

Hair gel

Set your hair with the best hair gel you know. Don’t overdo it. Leave some parts of the hair naturally flowing a little.

Keep the suit clean

Apply all the makeup after you put your suit on else some of it may rub off on the brand new wedding suit. Wrap a towel around your neck to make sure no makeup gets smeared on the collars. Make sure your suit is well pressed, all clean and well fitted.

Supple lips

Keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. Apply a lightly coloured chapstick right before the wedding and press your lips on a tissue paper.

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In addition to these bridegroom makeup tips, you can do anything else you want. But make sure you do it right. Also, don’t forget to get enough sleep and keep yourself hydrated for at least a week before the wedding. No bride or groom makeup regime can conceal naturally tired eyes.

At the end of it all, what matters is the happy glow on your face. Apart from this just focus on your beautiful bride and your amazing journey ahead. The happiness in your heart will reflect on your face, giving you that smile to compete with the sunshine face of your bride.

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