The Ultimate Roka Checklist by Makeup Artist Piyaa Puri

The Ultimate Roka Checklist by Makeup Artist Piyaa Puri!
Let’s start by congratulating you on wanting to celebrate your official togetherness. We understand you may also officially be beginning to freak out about the wedding arrangements. We’re focussed on making your first ceremony, Roka, be a dream come true. You’d want to come back for more. Our Roka checklists have everything covered for you, so there’s no chance of mid-ceremony havocs. 

Engagement CHECKLIST by makeup artist piyaa puri

Right-click or long-press on the checklists to save them. Print them out and get ready with a pen to mark off as you go along! Have fun planning your roka ceremony like a responsible adult. The process is going to take you around 5 or 6 months, but it’s going to be super fun, trust us. From deciding on a roka date to handpicking the guests during these trying times, and finalising venue, vendors, costumes, and executing the celebration without hiccups is what you’re aiming at. We can help you virtually design your roka ceremony. You just have to contact Me or Dm On instagram or WhatsApp on 7887777035. ! 

Additionally, here are some steps you can take for a wedding amidst these trying circumstances:
Ensure that the guest list is intimate and satisfies the terms of the state law. 
Enable video calling options for guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding. 
The guests that come into the venue need to be sanitized and need to be screened for temperature. Wearing a mask becomes mandatory for the hosts as well as the attending.

Special sanitization measures need to be taken for the working staff as well.

It’s time you bid farewell to last-minute mess-ups. There’s only one right way to go about a successful wedding, and that’s planning. We hope you found us useful.

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