Passionate about makeup but don’t know where to start? I understand how you feel. From numerous options out there we believe we stand out for many reasons. Our programs designed and executed by Piyaa Puri herself are personalized to ensure you have hands on training as a makeup artist. We believe in giving you the opportunity to learn by the celebrity makeup professionals in the field to give you the much needed exposure in the makeup and hairstyling business. That is not all, we thrive on knowing that are able to give you one on one attention throughout the program to warrant your success and understanding with our curriculum , for Makeup course &Classes.
 We understand that taking the first step to a new career path can be very intimidating but we here at The Academy of Makeup And Hair by Piyaa Puri prioritize one thing,
                                                                                                                      your success!

Makeup Courses

Do you want to turn your passion into a rewarding career? Celebrity Professional makeup artist and hairstylist, Piyaa Puri , is excited to teach you her best-kept secrets! Attend her professional makeup course to make your entry into the world of cosmetology. 

Do you want to know how you can do your own makeup? I can do that for you as an expert makeup artist and hairstylist in Pune who believes in the power of beauty. Ranked amongst the top 10 makeup artists in Maharashtra, Piyaa’s art is all about Making yourself Presentable. 

Bridal Makeup artistry is a very marketable skill and it is one that you can take with you anywhere you go. It doesn’t matter whether you travel the world or whether you are simply looking for somewhere you can startup your own Bridal makeup business, i will help you learn skills which will lead you to become best bridal makeup artist.

Hair Courses

All that u need for Perfect look is the Perfect Hair style. what better than traditional and basic 

Desire to be the Professional Hairstylist in new era. Hairstyling is just not HAir cutting BLow dry and chemical Treatments it way above that. Lear Professional Hair artistry at MAkeup Academy by piyaa puri – Celebrity Professional Makeup and Hair Artist.

Bridal Hair Styling is the New cake. Every Bride wants to Look the best on her big day and she awalys thought something new than what she has seen. Bridal HAirstyling course is all about learning the Best Hairstyles that suits all face tyoes of the Brides that you can be the Pro at.

Beautifying Things for You


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